Born in Venezuela, Alice gets the architecture degree in Rome. The variety of natural landscapes from her land of origin and the cult of geometry from the Roman architecture blend in all her creations.

The designer has started to create, just for fun, small jewelry pieces responding to a simple wish: to produce something that she dreamed of wearing, getting inspiration from elements of life: days, a bee, a leaf, a pearl, bringing to life her first collection in 2013.

Her creation has started this way to form her imagination, gathering her knowledge about volume and geometry with a constant improvement of her ability.

All her creations are hand-made and are a synthesis of opposing elements: straight lines that blend with natural elements, classical details revisited with irony, pieces that recall the strength of a warrior but also remind the lightness of a nymph.

Every single piece can be defined as luxury-on-the-go, they are composed and decomposed, enriched to then become again basic depending on the needs of who wears them.

Jewelry that reflects a generation of strong women, independent but still with a wild and ironic side.